Welcome to Pandahill

Brother Zephania James Lusanika, Head of Pandahill Secondary School

Dear viewers,

I would like honestly to take this opportunity to welcome you to Pandahill’s Website. In here, you will learn not only our academic Prowess but also the values we believe in and consistently struggle to pass on to our students so as to become a school of difference.

The school believes in God – fearing, health oriented mind, peace loving, appreciative soul, inquisitive mind, unity – oriented mind, honesty, open – minded, smartness, and nurturing intelligence and wills. Since 1997, the school has passed on to Tanzanian society students molded by and proud of these values.

Pandahill Secondary School is owned by the Catholic Diocese of Mbeya and managed by the Brothers of Christian Instruction. It runs consistently an open – door policy in terms of admission. It admits any qualified student irrespective of his/her religion, race, ethnicity, nationality, political affiliation and economic status. It has O-level and A-level section. In A-level it offers both Arts and Science Combinations.

Since 2000 where her first form four result came out, it has excelled both regionally and nationally up to date. Thanks to the owner, school board members, Brothers of Christian Instruction, management team, teaching and non-teaching staff, parents, guardians, different stakeholders and students for the work together done.

Personally, I would like to thank God for being part and parcel of this great history.  I ask of you to give us more cooperation so as to move to a great history ever to be told.

I welcome you to surf through our enriched website and be part of our history. Together we stand, in divide we fall. Dear viewers, fear not the future weep not the past, as we look at our goals. Let us together put our hearts into our works. I believe we shall achieve.

Welcome to Pandahill Secondary School a.k.a PASEC the school of excellence!

With kind regards,

Brother Zephania James Lusanika, Head of School