Facilities and Infrastructure

We provide our students best surrounding!

1. The school is spacious (1.5km2) which allows students to have enough fresh air.


2. In order to encourage study and peace of mind, body and soul, the school has its own dispensary headed by a qualified doctor, nurses and Lab-technician. However, on cases of serious medical attention, the school doctor in collaboration with school administration can allow the patient (student) to go home for further detailed medical check ups.


3. For security, the school is fenced – with wall fence, wachtowers and gates – and has guards.


4. In terms of sports, all four games, namely football, basketball, netball and volleyball are played by the students on the nicely maintained sports grounds. Given this, we are the indomitable lions and tigers of the region in sports.

Netball Pitch at Sports Ground of Pandahill

5. Flowing tap water is available at school premises. IE: inside dormitories and on the school compound.


6. The school is covered by tropical Savannah vegetation and once cut by a mowing machine, it looks great and attractive.

7. Our Biology, Physics and Chemistry Laboratories are well equipped and used in daily studies. Also we have a Computer Laboratory equipped with state of the art Windows 7 Computers and a server network used for sharing learning resources and for teaching.

8. The school has its own music system run by students themselves. This exclusively increases additional learning skills apart from those learnt from day to day activities.

9. Any enrolment is through interview.

10. The school in terms of enrollment, recruits students from all parts of Tanzania and even neighbouring countries. It is purely boarding school.

The list is long, welcome to Pandahill for exclusive academic experience.