Head of Department:
Mr. Martin E. Iwodya

Other teachers:
Mr. Felician Mtega
Mr. Luta Sanga
Mr. Daniel Sambo
Mr. Elia Jimmy
Mr. Mtawa
Mr. Mahala


In the Mathematics Department, the following subjects are taught; Basic Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Basic applied Mathematics and Advances Mathematics. Basic Mathematics is taught from Form One to Form Four by the following teachers: Form One by Mr. Felician Mtega, Form Two by Mr. Daniel Sambo, Form Three by Mr. Martin Iwodya and Form Four by Mr. Mtawa.

Additional Mathematics is an optional subject which students are encouraged to take/ opt starting from Form Three to Form Four. This subject is taught by the following teachers: Form Three by Mr. Elia Jimmy and Form Four by Mr. Mahala.

Basic Mathematics is taught to Advanced Level students specifically to PCB, HGE and CBG combination of subject takers. The subject Advanced Mathematics is taught to students who take the following combination of subjects: EGM, PCM and PGM.

Our department in collaboration with the school administration and the students work together to achieve a better performance of mathematics to all students in all levels of study.