AFRICAN YOUTH  FOR CHANGE ( AYC)  is an organisation that intends to help youth through education on various issues concerning HIV/ AIDS, Enviroment, Importance of education, Enterprenuership, Drug abuse and its effects. So far we are moving around different schools and institution in Tanzania to ensure that each and every youth  acquires the educaion that is provided by AYC. We are together to ensure that the talents of the youth are being built up and each youth to fulfill his or her dreams, also we are preparing good leaders who will be capable of fighting for their country and have patritotism. So far its a small organisation – here at Pandahill there is a group of students working in their free time. It was founded by the two presidents of ST. ANTHONY SECONDARY SCHOOL and PANDAHILL SECONDARY SCHOOL and those are GOODLUCK JONATHAN MALILA from PANDAHILL and GERALD MUHIMBA from ST. ANTHONY. We are requesting for your great assistance in terms of  ideas, financial support and equipments like projector, speakers and laptop that can make it easy for us to provide education to our fellow youths. Our hope is that we will be getting great ideas and support from you to ensure that AYC is moving on with the new power.



Remember: ” The right of man to stand up wright as a human on his on country comes before a question of what kind of the society that will create when having that right”.

Prepared by:

                                                    GOODLUCK JONATHAN MALILA

                                                 CHAIR PESRON  AND  CHIEF AMBASSADOR