President and Vice President

Paschal Lovell and Judith Mwasyeba

You are all warmly welcome to our school

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The Prime Minister and Vice Prime Minister

Sydney Lyoto and Anthony



General Secretary

Chrispin Kapoli




Academic Ministers

Samwel Mwambazi and Godfrey Mng’ong’o

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Discipline Ministers

Robert Robert and Glory Patrick



Food Ministers

Guardian and Kelvin Shonde




Sports and Entertainment Ministers

Vincentius Gamba, Glory Patrick and Fredrick Mpezya


Environment and Health Ministers

Aliko Hillary and Siah Joseph



Transport and Communication Ministers

Jacob Nyirenda and Deusdedit Morgan



Water and Electricity Ministers

Anzaran Kassiba and Emmanuel Bitta



The Government Advisor

Danford Mbilinyi




President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Vice Prime Minister and General Secretary